Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kevin Cherilla On Everest!

"Our camp is nestled tight against the mountain with a beautiful view of the north col and west ridge of our climb. We will spend the next four days here acclimitizing to the altitude. We will take small hikes around the glacier and up to the head wall which is our first big challenge. This is where the climbing will begin. This morning we had our puja ceremony. This is a Buddist ceremony in which we ask the mountain for our blessing to climb her. We have our ice axes, crampons, and harnesses blessed in order for us to have save passage. It is a touching momemt for all climbers and something we will always remember. It is also a time in which we have snacks as a gift and drink brandy, beer, and wine as part of the blessing..... Read more about our friend Kevin Cherilla's climb!

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