Tuesday, March 27, 2007

High Altitude

From MacGillivray Freeman Films, producers of the blockbuster hit Everest, comes the giant screen story of THE ALPS: its breathtaking beauty, harmonious culture, perilous avalanches and irresistible allure to a mountaineer on a personal journey to make peace with the mountain that killed his father.

“Against a backdrop of overwhelming natural beauty, The Alps is a true-life story of extraordinary courage,” says director Stephen Judson. “It’s the intensely personal journey of a man, John Harlin, who has every reason not to climb the deadly Eiger North Face – yet climb it he must.”

It’s an inspiring tale, coming to an IMAX theatre near you!

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George said...

Lynn, this is george Basch. I just e mailed you and then went to your blog and saw this. Way cool. My friend Pasquale Scaturo, who led the Everest trip I was on in '01 (and some of my other buddies) are involved in this production. Interesting coincidence