Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Goldwater on Goldwater

In 1993 I had the extreme good fortune to be invited by my good friend CC Goldwater to accompany her extended family on an eight day trip through the famed Colorado whitewater, deep within the Grand Canyon. Her grandfather, Barry Goldwater, would join the trip. He was an early explorer of the Canyon and his tales of whitewater ( and Watergate ) spellbound us all. This American icon was well known for his bold political stands, but few people outside his home state are aware of his extraordinary photography, extensive knowledge of geology, American Indian culture and so much more. Until now.

CC Goldwater has produced a magnificent and very touching documentary about her grandfather, providing a wonderful glimpse into the life, work and passion of this extraordinary man. It will be on HBO through mid October. I hope you will tune in.

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